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Air expanding shafts are manufactured in Barcelona and custom made to fix them on both or one end of the coil. The shafts are made of aluminum, obtaining a long-term and lasting protection and low weight. We use stainless steel for the necks. The air valve can be integrated into the end of the neck, the table shaft or the required position. The expanding shaft can include safety chucks, which enable automatic closure, transmission mechanisms and brakes, installed in the shaft shoulder. It also offers the possibility of using custom made rubber adapters for the use in the same axis coils of different diameter.


Fabricación de Ejes

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Fabricación de Ejes



EJES EXPANSIBLES EJEMATIC SL, is a manufacturing company exclusively devoted to the production of air expansion shafts. The company was founded in 2012 by a team with an experience of over 12 years in development and production of expansion shafts, used for the self-consumption. After years of experience on machinery construction for the graphic arts, Ejematic decided to make agile quality air expanding shafts available. The shafts are manufactured in Barcelona, throughout the production process. With EJEMATIC long delivery times and miscommunication with foreign suppliers are no longer a problem.


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